Why use AMY Studio?

We know that managing a music studio is not an easy task. The good news is that AMY Studio, a simple tool designed for your business needs, is here to make your life easier! Now, you can put all your energy into making your clients happy, and leave the rest to AMY Studio!

AMY Studio is the management system connected to the AMY platform. With a community of musicians that keeps on growing by the day, there are many more potential clients ready to book your studio with just a click of a button!

Operational Control

Closely manage the usage of your rooms thanks to automatic correspondence for all reservations to both you and your clients. Nothing will slip your mind and no more double bookings!

Financial Control

Tired of trying to figure out which clients are behind in their payments to the studio? Struggling to close the books at the end of the month? Bring your business to the next level of professionalism, and let AMY Studio manage your payments and receipts.

Online reservations

All that your studio has to offer will be easily available on the internet. Musicians can book reservations without needing to call you! Get ready to grow your business!



A customized calendar, tailored to your Music Studio’s needs! Have total control over your rooms and reservations all in one place! Make reservations, manage and cancel them. Set prices for your reservations, equipment and products, and make all of this information available to your clients over the internet.


What were your earnings last month? Quickly generate reports for any desired time period, and keep up-to-date on your income, expenses, and much more. Have the data you need to analyze which rooms/products/services are in highest demand, and use this information to improve your business!


AMY STUDIO helps you get to know your clients even better. How often do they rehearse and record? Which equipment do they usually use? Are they up-to-date on their payments? Keep all this information organized in an easy way. Surprise your clients with the excellence of your customized service by getting to know more about them.

Plans and Pricing

Pricing for:
it is free
EUR30.00 / month
Online Calendar (AMY, Facebook or your site)
Reservations Management
Automatic notifications for clients
Online Reservations
Client Management
Room limit
4 *
Users Limit
Sales / Rent / Stock management
Teller Control
Estimates and Receipts

* extra rooms are only EUR5.00 per room/month

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